The 2019 Shirt design.

One mile fun run for those 10 and under.  Will only receive socks.  Fee will be $10 and will get a medal for completion.  Not eligible for other prizes.

Thumb Run Abouts.

2019 Turkey Trot Dates and Info

You will have the option of getting the following at the race.  The cost for the race and a pair of socks will be $20.  If you would like a shirt in place of the socks that will be $26.  If you want both a shirt and socks the cost will be $31.

To be guaranteed a shirt size please send an email to or a text to 989-551-8273 with your name and size. Sizes range from Small to XL.

39th Annual Turkey Trot – To be Held in Bad Axe, MI.

There are 12 male and 12 female divisions in the race.  This includes two divisions for the walkers.  

Each division will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize.  1st place prize is a frozen turkey, 2nd place is a pumpkin pie, and 3rd place is a half gallon of cider.  There is also a drawing for two pair of shoes.

​Final Results for 2018 Turkey Trot:

​38th Annual Turkey Trot – Held in Bad Axe, MI.

The Pat Kellerman Memorial Turkey Trot was held on Saturday, November 17th, at the Bad Axe city park and surrounding area.  The race started at 11:00 AM. The weather was cool and only a miner wind for the runners and walkers.  The race is sponsored jointly by the Thumb Runabouts, Buckley Shoes and McDonald Spartan Store.   There were 73 total runners and walkers from many Michigan Areas.  The first place male runner was Garrett Jurgess, Ubly, MI.  His time was 18:55 for the 3.1 mile course.  The first place female runner was Maddie Laskowski, Bad Axe, MI in 20:45.  The first place walker for the females Deb Knarian from Bad Axe, MI. in a time of 40:15. The first place walker for males Joe Evans from Ypsilanti, Mi. in a time of 34:41.The winners of each age group received a Turkey.  Second place got a pumpkin pie and third place received a 1/2 gallon of cider.  Two gift certificates for shoes one donated by Buckleys and the other by the Thumb Run Abouts were given away. One went to Maddie Laskowski of Bad Axe and the other to Garrett Jurgess of Ubly, MI.  New this year a 1 mile run for runners 10 and under. They each received a medal as well as the other normal awards.  All of this is done to bring people to Bad Axe and to continue the tradition of the Thanksgiving Spirit which is a sign of freedom for our country. 



5K results

Males                                     Place  Time               Females                                 Place  Time

10 and Under

Nicholas Rayl                       8th        21:57              None

Wesley Kosinski                  29th     26:16

Brody Karg                            37th     28:07             



Erik Kent                                2nd       19:58              Kara Cummings                   18th     24:16

Jacob Messing                     13th     23:24              Emma Kociba                       20th     24:22

Tommy Knarian                    17th     24:00              Emily Greyerbiehl                22nd     24:33

Owen Kociba                                    19th     24:21

Colton Darbie                       21st      24:25

Will Laskowski                      48th     31:32

Carter Kosinski                     49th     31:42



Cody Talaski                         3rd        20:22              Maddie Laskowsky              5th        20:45

Morgan Green                      4th        20:36              Hannah Emerick                  28th     25:01

Connor Janssen                  32nd     26:29



None                                                                          Monica Babcock                  16th     23:56             

Jeana Schemansky            31st      26:17

                                                                                    Lilly Jock                                53rd     33:52



Paul Santini                          6th        21:19              Chelsea Walker                   36th     27:52

                                                                                    Katie Eskau                          43rd     30:17

                                                                                    Lindsey Straub                     52nd     33:16

                                                                                    Samantha Nagel                  62nd     39:02





Garrett Jurges                       1st        18:55              Kelly Stapleton                     7th        21:34

Zac Eskau                             11th     22:42              Brenda Engler                      14Th     23:34

Todd Walker                          25th     24:49              Emily Rasch                         38th     28:24

Mike Klosowski                    33rd     26:37              Rebecca Howard                 42nd     30:05

                                                                                    Karen Darbee                       43rd     30:17



Jeff Bismack                         12th     23:24              Christina Cummings           30th     25:47

Phil Schadd                          34th     26:56              Tracy Treece                         55th     34:15

Scott Ranquist                      40th     31:03              Carol Schadd                       60th     36:37



Kevin Kausch                       24th     24:44              Lisa McManaman                23rd     24:40

                                                                                    Amy Guster                           35th     26:59

                                                                                    Karen Volk                            41st      29:44

                                                                                    Connie Robinson                54th     34:10

                                                                                    Kathy Kozar                          57th     34:24

                                                                                    Sue Peterson                       61st      37:20



Steve Moelter                        9th        22:21              Carole Kliemann                  10th     22:36

Reed Swenson                    26th     24:52              Cindy Tews                           27th     24:52

Dan Zlewski                          59th     35:29              Laura Kausch                       44th     30:22

Loretta Kuhn                         50th     32:29

                                                                                    Paulette Mancuso               51st      32:39



Tim Flues                              15th     23:48              Pam Provost                         47th     31:05

Bernie Bishop                      39th     28:45              Linda Flues                           56th     34:22

Ted Davenport                      40th     29:22



Under 40

Male                                                                           Female

None                                                                          Melodie Kociba                    66th     50:25

                                                                                    Abby Rochefort                    67th     50:25.1


41 and over

Joe Evan                               58th     34:41              Deb Knarian                         63rd     40:15

Karla Hartz                            64th     43:07

Danyiel Becker                     65th     47:52


1 Mile Run age 10 and under

Male                                                                           Female

Draston Stapleton                1st        8:30                Shelby Kinney                     3rd        9:25

Kaden Harris                        2nd       8:33                Mikelle Weiderhold              6th        10:28

Colin Karg                             4th        9:34

Conlan Stapleton                5th        9:49