Results for race are shown below.

This is our 39th annual race.  We have a new group taking over our race.  As you can see by the flyer it is attached to the Rotary and is raising money for its programs also.  We are still donating our profits to walk for warmth and to several other local charities.  We also supply food after the race and a ride back to the starting point.  Results are available immediately after the race.  Water is available along the course.  Hope to see you there.  You can copy and fill out the attached entry form.

Thumb Run Abouts.


The Bad Axe Interact Club has teamed up with the Thumb Runabouts to host the 39th annual Pat Kellerman Memorial Day Run and Walk.   This race is to honor Pat Kellerman, who was a dedicated runner in the area.  The race was originated by Pat along with other members of the Thumb Runabouts. The first race was held in 1981 in conjunction with the Memorial Day Festival that was started by the community of Bad Axe. The race begins at the Bad Axe Middle School and ends at the Huron County Fairgrounds.
24 runners and walkers came to the Thumb Area on Saturday, May 25th for a 5K Walk and Run and a 10K Run.  There were a total of 16 runners for the 5K, 6 for the 10K, and 2 Walkers.  The 2019 10K Run first place winners were Paul Santini and Lisa McManaman.  The 5K Run first place winners were Kendal Delpiere and Kristin Wellman.  The 5K Walk first place winners were Joe Evans and Tiffany Swartzendruber.

The Memorial Day Run was sponsored by: McClaren Thumb Region, Bay Port State Bank, Gemini Group, Hi-Ball Energy Drive/Smith Distributing, Narayan Physical Therapy, Thumb National Bank & Trust, Ace Hardware/The Gift Department, Active Physical Therapy, and Emma’s Coffee House

5K Run Results

Males                                     Place  Time               Females                                Place  Time
                                                                  Age 10 & Under
Brody Karg                            8th       28:42              None
Colin Karg                             16th     37:59
                                                                  Age 11-14
Caleb Geiger                         3rd       20:29              None
                                                                        Age 20-24
Kendal Delpiere                   1st       18:56              None
                                                                        Age 35-39
Dave Majeski                        4th       24:03              Kristin Wellman                    7th       26:04
Mike Klosowski                    5th       24:44              Erica Karg                             17th     38:12
                                                                        Age 40-44
Scott Ranquist                      12th     32:21              Candice Muska                    13th     32:56                                                                                                                           Age 50-54
Jeff Lemmer                          6th        25:15              None
                                                                       Age 55-59
None                                                                          Loretta Kuhn                         10th     31:29
                                                                        Age 60-64
Mike Grover                           9th        31:22              None
                                                                        Age 65-69
Robert Majeski                      2nd       19:36              Pam Provost                         11th     32:05
                                                                        Age 70 & Up
None                                                                          Betty Kelava                          18th     38:45

10 K Run results
Males                                     Place  Time               Females                                Place  Time
                                                                        Age 30-34
Paul Santini                          1st        47:08              Lisa Li                                    6th        1:04:35
                                                                        Age 35-39
None                                                                          Kelly Seltz                             5th        54:52
                                                                        Age 50-54
Jerome Wolschleger           2nd       49:32              Lisa McManaman                3rd        52:41
Mark Prescott                        4th        53:57

5K Walk Results
Males                                     Place  Time               Females                                Place  Time
                                                                  Age 50 & Under
None                                                                          Tiffany Swartzendruber      15th     37:03
                                                                  Age 50 & Up
Joe Evans                             14th     35:01              None

Record holders for the 5K Run:

Tim Brown - 15:34 in 1983                                      Katie Kelly - 18:55 in 2004

Record holders for the 10K Run:

Chris Daniels 1983 & Pat McGinnis - 32:45 in 1984     Georgeann Haviland - 38:25 in 1985